Retail Store Team Leader

Come join the good fight against a boring life

Position - Retail Store Team Leader

Openings:  we do not have a specific opening at this time. If you apply and get hired for this position you will start as a Team Member while being groomed for the next Team Leader opening.  

What's great about this job

  • You will serve on a team whose job is to spread the mission of Bicycle Warehouse - inspiring our Guests passion to ride so they enjoy more freedom, fitness and fun
  • You will engage with all levels of cycling  skills and goals from diverse Guests of Bicycle Warehouse
  • You will expand the culture and success of Bicycle Warehouse by getting our Guests to ride more often and better equipped so it's more enjoyable.
  • You will become a trusted advisor to our Guests so they want to continue doing business with us along with referring their family and friends.
  • You will become an expert on all the features and benefits of all our product and how they benefit our Guests.
  • You will become an expert at selling all of our bikes, accessories, clothing, parts, maintenance and services.

What the job entails

  • You will be a working manager of a retail store. Acting as a sales team member with hourly sales goals. While also leading your other team members to accomplish their goals.
  • You will learn and use our GEAR sales process with all Guests:  
    • "Greeting" - giving all of our Guests a warm and welcoming greeting into our store. Shaking their hand and introducing yourself
    • "Editing" - learning what our Guests want and need by talking to them about what has them excited about riding or wanting a particular product
    • "Appeal" - learning all of our product features and benefits and presenting the best product and service options so our Guests always have awesome riding experiences
    • "Relationship" - establishing and improving our relationship with our Guests at every interaction. Inviting them to events, rides and back into the store. Following up with them to make sure they LOVE what they purchased. Thanking them for their business and asking for referrals.
  • You will keep our stores visually appealing with continual merchandising and cleaning. 
  • You will learn and use our Service Check In process to help our Guests maintain their bikes at 100% so they always have an awesome ride.
  • You will use our core values to continually improve our Guest experiences: service, integrity, teamwork, improvement and fun.
  • You will learn and use all of our software resources - Point of sale, Relationship Management, Intranet, Website, Myagi Training, Zoho (several internal business apps)
  • You will learn and use all of our services - financing, trade in's, warranties, Love It guarantee, returns, special orders, test rides, bike fitting, inventory transferring and more.
  • You will manage your store to hit it sales, margin and Raving Fan goals each month.
  • You will manage and right size your stores traffic through follow ups, events and referrals
  • You will manage and right size your stores inventory through collaboration with the General Manager
  • You will manage and right size your stores team member scheduling

What results to expect

  • Raving Fans - when you do it right you will get great feedback from our Guests. They will Rave about the level of service they receive from you. Your goal is to achieve a Raving Fan score above 86.
  • Sales - when you do it right your sales will far exceed of your sales goal of $200 per hour
  • Store Goals - you are responsible for achieving the monthly sales, margin and Raving Fan scores for the store.
  • Personal Pay - better performance equals better pay. 
  • Referrals - when you do it right you get lot's of referrals from the Raving Fans you created

What you get

  • Base pay - $3,000-$4,000 per month
  • Incentive pay 
    • Sales over $200/hour earn 5% on parts, accessories, clothes and labor. 
  • Team Bonus - each store has monthly sales goals. When the store hits their goals each team member of the store earns an extra bonus
  • Paid Time Off - each year you get 5 days of earned sick leave along with extra vacation days (up to 10 days total)
  • Purchase Discounts - be able to purchase your cycling product at great discounts. 
  • Health Insurance - 50% paid by Bicycle warehouse
  • ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) - basically it's a profit sharing program that allows the company to share a percentage of the profits with the vested team members.
(note - additional qualifying details exist for all of the above items)

What else do you need

  • Cycling passion and experience  - you have to ride a bike regularly and be totally passionate about it. 
  • Selling experience - 2 years of selling and retail experience (or equivalent), something that translates easily to selling bikes, gear and service.
  • Management experience - 3+ years of sales management experience leading people to achieve sales goals.
  • The ability to lift bicycles onto display racks above your head
  • The ability to stand on your feet for 8 hours a day on concrete floors
  • The ability to work a flexible schedule including weekends and evenings until 7:30pm
  • The ability to have fun and inspire others to ride their bike

What's next?

  • If you are just looking for a job, please do not apply. Sorry to be so blunt but it will save us both a bunch of time and effort if we part ways now versus learning it won't work out shortly down the road.
  • If you are looking for career oriented employment and it all sounds like a great fit for you, then we are excited to have you apply by answering the questions below 😀🚴✅