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Are you prepared?

are you prepared?

Whether you just bought a new bike or you have one that you’ve owned for years there are lots of ways to outfit it to make your rides more fun.

Setting your bike up properly for the style of riding you do, whether that’s bicycling around town, commuting or touring can make your adventures more comfortable and fun.

Consider picking up these important accessories for your bike before setting out on a ride.

Bike Tools and Repair Kits

You never know when you might need to tighten a loose bolt or fix a broken chain. Be prepared and carry a multi-tool every time you go for a ride. Think about carrying tire levers as well. They are helpful when removing your tire from the rim while fixing a flat.

Shop our of multi-tools and our favorite tire levers.

Get a repair kit so you have it all in one handy carrying case that attaches easily to your bike.

Giant repair kit

Bike Tire Patch Kit and Spare Tube

If you get a flat tire out on the road, you’ll need a way to fix it. A simple patch kit can fix a small puncture in the tube. For large punctures and blowouts, replacing the tube is your best option.

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