WTB Velociraptor 26" Tire


Model and Size
The WTB VelociRaptor is no newcomer to the mountain bike world. A game-changer when introduced in 1994, these tires have been shredding trails ever since with no signs of stopping any time soon. The front and rear-specific tread patterns are perfect for digging at the dirt to maintain traction in a wide variety of conditions, so you never have to worry. Try riding one of the most classic combos of all time - they just flat out work.
  • Large, directional tread pattern claws at the dirt and maintains a consistent feel for better cornering
  • Front tread enhances steering response and control while shedding mud
  • Rear tread digs in to help you climb and break with some serious power
  • Lightweight casing shaves grams and rolls fast to minimize resistance
  • Puncture-resistant tread protects against thorns and other trail debris
  • Folding bead sheds grams
  • Sold separately: Front or Rear
  • WEIGHT: Front: 700g; Rear: 675g
  • MAX. PSI: 65
  • SIZE(S): 26 x 2.1"
  • TPI: 27
  • BEAD: Folding

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