WTB All Terrain 26" Tire

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This workhorse of a tire is comfortable enough to take on a touring adventure and stable enough to take off-road. Use for comfort riding, commuting, bike paths and roads. Profile ensures positive contact with hard surfaces. Dense, linked tread with independent outside knobs allows good dirt adhesion. From long distance touring to light-duty offroading, this tire offers impeccable handling that won't let you down. Dense linked center tread allows the tire to roll fast. Light-duty trail and comfort tire.


  • For long distance touring to light duty off roading, this tire offers impeccable handling
  • For moist to dry conditions on hardpack or pavement.
  • Steel bead, standard rubber, rugged casing.
  • 27 tpi, 35-65 psi, 630 grams.
  • Linked center tread provides smooth roll with good grip
  • Open transition tread with well supported outside knobs
  • Famed tread has been a staple for many seasons
  • Popular amongst comfort, city and hybrid riders for lite duty ATB
  • Handles off road corners and loose terrain amazingly well

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