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POC Ventral Lite Road Bike Helmet - Gray

Ventral Lite Road Bike Helmet - Gray

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Scaled back, pared down yet never compromising on safety, the POC Ventral Lite Road Bike Helmet is the result of taking a minimalist approach at every stage of design and production. Every aspect of the helmet, from the adjustment system and straps to the liner and shell, are optimized for protection at the lowest weight possible. The entire helmet structure has been altered so that a different density of EPS liner can be used. The outer PC shell is scaled back to the absolute essentials, keeping the weight down.


  • Structurally Strong: Changes to the shell and liner design give enhanced structural integrity
  • Lightweight EPS Liner: The shape of the liner allows for a lower-density EPS liner to be used
  • Lightweight size adjustment system: The minimalist size adjustment system is very lightweight and gives a secure fit
  • Lightweight straps: The straps and clip are fully adjustable, and are optimized to save weight
  • Lightweight in-mold PC shell: The outer PC shell is scaled back to cover only the absolutely necessary parts of the liner, saving vital grams
  • 220g


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