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Time XC 6 Bike Pedals

XC 6 Bike Pedals

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Clipping in while you're riding has many great benefits. Your foot is always in the optimum pedaling position, you also get an increase in pedaling power and efficiency. Designed for cross-country mountain biking and gravel riding, the Time Atac XC 6 pedals feature a chromed, hollow steel axle for lightness and durability. They have a composite body and tension adjustment to adjust how easy it is to clip in and out. The Atac system offers easy engagement and a self-cleaning design. These pedals are perfect for any rider looking for a lightweight, high-performance pedal.


  • Lightweight at only 145 grams per pedal
  • Self-cleaning design clears debris each time you step in
  • Tension adjustment to adjust the feel of the pedal
  • Dual Sided Clipless
  • Composite
  • 9/16"
  • Black


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