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Time ATAC XC 8 Bike Pedals

ATAC XC 8 Bike Pedals

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The Time Atac XC 8 Carbon pedals combine an ultra light weight design, excellent dirt and mud shedding, and easy evacuation. The steel shaft creates a strong pedal that won’t flex upon stress, yet the composite body keeps weight to a minimal, without breaking the bank. The XC 8 Carbon pedals have 5 degrees of angular freedom as well as 6mm of lateral movement. This amount of movement helps to keep knees comfortable, especially during rigorous rides.


  • ATAC system (easy donning and doffing mastered)
  • 284 grams
  • Excellent stripping thanks to self- cleaning concept
  • Steel Shaft
  • Composite Body
  • Freedom angular (+/- 5 degrees) and lateral (6mm)
  • Dual Sided Clipless
  • Carbon
  • 9/16"
  • Black