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Time ATAC XC 4 Bike Pedals

ATAC XC 4 Bike Pedals

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Slotted into the French pedal manufacturer's cross-country hierarchy between the XC 2 and XC 6 Pedals, the Time ATAC XC4 Pedals enjoy all the best features of the former with the hollow steel axle of the latter. This results in a resoundingly lightweight, low-profile, and durable pedal for cross-country riders, only sacrificing a mere 23 grams per pedal from the creme de la creme ATAC XC12 Pedals.

XC 4 Pedals employ Time's Auto Tension Adjust Concept (ATAC) design, which operates with a self-cleaning interface that sheds muck and mud upon entry. This means you won't have to struggle just to engage in the pedal while riding in muddy conditions. Three different tension settings adjust the sensation of the five degrees of float, allowing you to find the perfect amount of resistance or freedom to suit your particular riding style. Six millimeters of the lateral float allows for subtle side-to-side movement of the pedal, so you can find a more comfortable pedaling position.

The XC 4's cleat is reversible, so you can choose a release angle of 13 or 17 degrees. Choose the release angle of 13 degrees to bail out quickly or remain locked in while racing and training with the 17-degree cleat configuration. With a lightweight yet durable design, the Time ATAC XC4 Pedal makes for a ride you won't soon forget.


  • Lightweight, low-profile, durable pedal for XC riding and racing
  • Composite body keeps it lightweight and durable underfoot
  • Hollow steel axle reduces weight while retaining strength
  • ATAC dual-arch system sheds mud and dirt for easier entry
  • +/- 5° of angular float with three spring tension settings
  • 6mm of lateral float provides a comfortable pedaling position
  • Reversible cleat allows for either 13° or 17° release angle
  • Dual Sided Clipless
  • Composite
  • 9/16"
  • Black


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