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Garmin Tacx FLUX 2 Smart Trainer

Tacx FLUX 2 Smart Trainer

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The Tacx FLUX 2 Smart Trainer gives you the perfect platform for fun and effective indoor cycling. Improved ride feel and 2.5% accurate power, speed, and cadence measurements mean you can track progress dependably.

Its well-balanced design and large footprint ensure maximum stability even during explosive sprints of up to 2,000 watts! Get inspired by the confidence of riding with the FLUX 2 Smart Trainer.


  • This trainer can handle sprints up to 2,000 watts
  • Work up a sweat with inclines up to 16% that hold up to your most serious sprint
  • Measures your power to within 2.5%
  • Compatible with your favorite aps including Zwift and Tacx
  • Connect FLUX 2 Smart to multiple devices simultaneously, so you can enjoy Tacx software and track your performance on your Garmin bike computer at the same time.


  • Resistance: Electronic
  • Adjustable Resistance: Yes



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