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Shimano Men's GR901 Mountain Bike Shoes - Black

Men's GR901 Mountain Bike Shoes - Black

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Having the right shoes on while you're riding will make all the difference in your performance. If you're riding downhill or freeride, having a grippier shoe for your pedals will benefit you greatly. The Shimano SH-GR901 Mountain Shoes are designed specifically for platform pedals with their Michelin rubber outsole that provides superior grip whether you're on the pedals or on the ground. The upper portion of the shoe features an armored lace shield that provides added protection from flying debris and the toe portion has a molded toe cap for additional toe protection. The ankle collar is asymmetrically raised to protect your inner ankle. Speed lacing allows for fast and secure adjustments and the materials absorb less water and dry quickly. If you frequently do downhill runs or ride at the bike park, these will be your go-to shoes.


  • High-grip Michelin rubber outsole
  • Armored lace shield provides extra protection from debris
  • Robust toe cap for additional toe protection
  • Asymmetrically raised padded ankle collar and sidewall sole for added protection
  • Speed lacing system allows fast, secure adjustments
  • Materials absorb less water and dry quickly
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