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Selle San Marco Shortfit Supercomfort Open-Fit Dynamic Bike Seat

Shortfit Supercomfort Open-Fit Dynamic Bike Seat

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The Shortfit Supercomfort Open-Fit Dynamic saddle has been specially developed by focusing on the components that determine the level of comfort. The padding has an increased thickness of the Biofoam layer to optimize the area of contact with the ischial bones, while the central cut-out (Open-Fit) has been designed to find the meeting point between maximum relief of the perineal area and shell durability.

  • Focused on Performance, Ergonomics and Comfort


  • Gender/Age:¬†Men's
  • Color:¬†Black
  • Width:¬†144
  • Rail Material:¬†Manganese
  • Clamp Style:¬†Standard Rails
  • Material:¬†Synthetic
  • Length:¬†250
  • Saddle Cut Out:¬†Yes
  • Defined Color:¬†Black
  • Weight:¬†215