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Selle San Marco Shortfit Open-Fit Dynamic Bike Seat

Shortfit Open-Fit Dynamic Bike Seat

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The ergonomic shape of the Shortfit Open-Fit Dynamic saddle features a reduced length with proper support for the ischial bones, and excellent pressure distribution in the front section. The large central cut-out (Open-Fit) ensures maximum comfort and support in various pedaling situations along the entire length of the saddle, improving blood circulation and relieving pressure from the perineal area.

  • Waved shape that makes the saddle particularly comfortable even for people with a retroverted pelvis, facilitating correct posture when cycling
  • Focused on Performance, Ergonomics and Comfort


  • Gender/Age:¬†Men's
  • Color:¬†Black
  • Width:¬†144
  • Rail Material:¬†Manganese
  • Clamp Style:¬†Standard Rails
  • Material:¬†Synthetic
  • Length:¬†250
  • Saddle Cut Out:¬†Yes
  • Defined Color:¬†Black
  • Weight:¬†200