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Selle Royal Ellipse Athletic Bike Saddle

Ellipse Athletic Bike Saddle

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SKU: SA1090

The type of saddle you use on your bike can have a significant impact on your performance and comfort. If you're using a saddle that isn't designed for the style of riding you do, or you're not properly sized on a saddle, it can hinder your performance and comfort. The Selle Royal Ellipse Athletic Saddle features a center cut-out for riders who want comfort on long rides. It has RoyalGel, which is a polyurethane-based gel that doesn't age, harden, or migrate over time. This saddle is perfect for more upright riding like mountain biking, cruising, and commuting


  • A unisex saddle designed for both men and women
  • RoyalGel does not age, harden, or migrate over time
  • Center cut-out provides increased comfort
  • Steel
  • Black
  • Athletic
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