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Schwalbe Pro One Road Bike Tire - 700 x 25

Pro One Road Bike Tire - 700 x 25

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Schwalbe's recently updated road tire, the Pro One Tire, sheds weight and rolling resistance compared to the original One tire. Given these advantages, the Pro One makes a compelling case for racing on tubeless tires, and we can only hope to see more race wheels offered in the future that are compatible with them. To improve upon an already solid tire, Schwalbe started with triple compound rubber, adding Snakebite and Sidewall protection.

The firm center strip improves the rolling resistance by a claimed ten percent while softer shoulders grip the tarmac for control while cornering at high speeds. Schwalbe's MicroSkin construction adds durability to the Pro One, helping the tire resist ill-intentioned debris on the roads so you get through your race flat-free, while the tubeless construction allows you to race with the tires at lower air pressure and eliminates friction between the tube and tire that can slow you down.


  • Snakebite and sidewall protection retains air pressure
  • Firm center trip keeps rolling resistance low
  • Soft shoulder provides surefooted grip on the blacktop
  • Microskin increases durability against punctures and tears
  • Run lower tire pressures to increase comfort on jarring roads
  • Clincher, Folding, Black/Transparent, Evolution, Super Race, Addix Race, V-Guard