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Schwalbe Schwalbe DuranoPlus Tire - 700 x 25

Schwalbe DuranoPlus Tire - 700 x 25

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SKU: TR4817

Schwalbe's Durano Plus Road Tire is the tire to get if you're having problems with flats and want a "racing bike" tire. The Durano Plus has a SmartGuard belt that provides extremely effective protection against penetration punctures. The belt is made from a strong, highly elastic rubber layer that traps glass, wires and thorns before they can work their way through to the inner tube. The layer is not quite as thick as the corresponding layer on the Schwalbe Marathon Plus (probably the toughest tire on the market), but it is nevertheless quite effective. This tire is somewhat heavier than typical race tires, but adds less weight than sealant-filled tubes or extra flat protection inserts, and it's at least as effective, with less performance compromise.

The tread compound on the Durano Plus provides excellent traction, even in the wet, and will provide extremely long wear β€” often thousands of miles more than a top-end racing tire.


  • Weight: 350
  • Labeled Size: 700 x 25
  • Flat Protection: Tread Belt
  • Clincher, Folding, Black
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