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Santa Cruz Reserve 30 DT350 Shimano Boost 27.5" Wheelset

Reserve 30 DT350 Shimano Boost 27.5" Wheelset

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Strongest wheels on the market.
Five years ago, a little Santa Cruz video on a bike website debunked every skeptic's fear about the long-term durability of carbon fiber bicycle frames.

Now they're doing the same for wheels. Santa Cruz Reserve wheels are built on the highest quality carbon rims on the market. Their confidence in the design and strength of their wheels is backed up by a lifetime warranty, just like Santa Cruz frames.


Reserve 30
Wheel Size 27.5"
Internal Width 27mm
External Width 33.5mm
ERD 557mm
Asym Offset 4mm
Spoke Count 28
Recc. Tire Width 2.0 - 2.5in
Front End Caps Option Torque & Standard
Drive Body Options XD or HG
Single Rim Weight 435g
Comlete Weight
DT350 Boost: 1677g
DT350 Boost: $1,599


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