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Revelate Designs Jerrycan Top-tube/Seatpost Bike Bag, Bent, Black

Jerrycan Top-tube/Seatpost Bike Bag, Bent, Black

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Need just a wee bit more carrying space on your bike? Look no further. The Jerrycan® is a slim, rear-mount bag ideal for a repair kit, lube or a tube -- leaving more space for essentials in a frame bag.

The Jerrycan® comes in two models: Regular and Bent. The Bent accommodates gusseted braces at the seat tube / top tube junction. The Regular is the go-to for most other bikes.

Note - Jerrycans are rear mount specific, they will only work up front if you have a minimum of 2” total of spacers and headset stack under your stem.


  • 2" wide and is narrow enough that legs won't bump it while pedaling
  • Plastic stiffened side panels prevent side bulging
  • Interior elastic holds a multi-tool
  • Adjustable height seat tube/post attachment
  • Volume: 0.5 liters
  • Suitable for frames with gusseted braces at seat tube, steeply angled seat tubes or bikes with minimal expoed seat post


  • Color: Black
  • Defined Color: Black
  • Total Volume: 35 in3
  • 6"x2"x3 1/2" (L,W,H) 


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