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Quarq TyreWiz Air Pressure Sensor for Presta Valve, Pair

TyreWiz Air Pressure Sensor for Presta Valve, Pair

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The TyreWiz tire pressure sensor was designed to monitor air pressure in real-time, and relays the information to a cycling computer or smartphone. The TyreWiz app uses that data to deliver personalized recommendations and pressure alerts, helping riders maximize traction, tire wear, and rider comfort.

  • Compatible with Presta-style valves that have a removable valve core
  • Works with both tubed and tubeless systems, and tires with anti-flat sealant
  • iOS and Android smartphone app displays personalized recommendations, current tire pressure, and provides low/high pressure alerts
  • Easily connects to IQ compatible Garmin devices and Wahoo devices to provide real-time data
  • LED lights to indicate when pressure is outside the target range
  • Lightweight, durable, and powered by a long-lasting user-replaceable coin cell battery


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