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Buff Midweight Merino Wool Multifunctional Headwear

Midweight Merino Wool Multifunctional Headwear

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BUFF ThermoNet Multifunction Headwear provides maximum protection from the cold without added weight and bulk. Made from recycled REPREVE microfiber and breathable PrimaLoft yarn, BUFF ThermoNet technology wicks moisture away from your skin while trapping heat inside, keeping you comfortable and dry in the most frigid winter weather.

  • Featuring PrimaLoft yarn
  • High-thermal insulation mimics the warmth of down
  • 4 times warmers than microfiber
  • High warmth-to-weight ratio means you don’t need bulk to stay warm
  • Moisture management

Weight: 2.36oz

Dimensions: 21 x 9.5"

Fabric Content: 100% eco-friendly Merino wool (sourced from humanely raised, non-mulesed sheep).

Care Instructions: Hand wash with mild soap. Lay flat to dry. Do not use fabric softeners or bleach. Do not iron.


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