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Loctite #243 Threadlocker Medium Strength for fastners 6-20mm

#243 Threadlocker Medium Strength for fastners 6-20mm

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Bicycle Warehouse is proud to offer these Loctite #243 Threadlocker Medium Strength for fasteners 6-20mm.

Features include

  • Eliminate fasteners loosening from vibration, shock, and thermal expansion
  • Easily fill in threads and wipe off excess to ensure a tight fit
  • 10ml (.34oz)

If you are looking for something to lock and seal your thread fasteners between 6 and 20 mm, or ¼" to ¾", and to ensure no loose hardware, look no further than this threadlocker from Loctite. Threadlocker works by sealing the gaps between thread surfaces, which creates added friction and makes the area unified. This adhesive applies in seconds, and you only need a few drops to create an extremely strong bond. Threadlocker is a must-have bike accessories for your shop. Shop all of our best bike and ebike accessories and parts online today!

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