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Sigma Brakelight

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The new Brakelight from Sigma is an innovative safety light for cyclists. Compatible with all cable actuated mechanical brake the safety light attaches to the rear brake cable using a 2.5 mm hex wrench. Mount the light with a little pre-tension, so the Brakelight illuminates with the slightest tap of the brake lever

Product Details
  • Just clip this light on your rear brake cable and it will help alert anyone behind you that you are slowing down
  • Functions just like a car brake light, illuminates when you begin to brake
  • Compatible with U brakes, V brakes, canti`s, and mechanical disc brakes
  • Rounded brass clamp screw will not harm or impeed brake cables or function
  • Great addition to any light system, perfect for group rides
  • 200 hours continuous light, average of approx. 250,000 braking processes
  • Weighs only 7 grams

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