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Light and Motion Vya Switch Rechargeable Rear Bike Light

Vya Switch Rechargeable Rear Bike Light

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The 100 lumen output features Light & Motion's distinct SafePulse beam pattern which provides a distinct pulse pattern with intermittent peaks tgive motorists clear indication a cyclist is on the road. The horizontal layout takes visibility a step further by integrating a custom optic that throws light further to increase the beam visibility over a full 2KM, ideal if riding on busy roadways.

  • Dual Modes: 100 Lumen SafePulse and 50 Lumen Constant On
  • Waterproof t1 meter (when inserted in mount) for all-conditions reliability (IP67 Rated)
  • Innovative amber side lighting for increased visibility at intersections
  • USB Mount Receptor allows light tbe mounted and removed from bike in seconds with a simple, secure 1/4 turn lock
  • SafePulse runtime of 6 hours on a single charge


  • Lumens Rear: 100
  • Recharge Type: USB
  • Weight: 30 g


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