Lezyne Macro Drive 1100XL/Strip Drive Combo Set


This light kit features the Lezyne Macro Drive 1100XL up front. It’s a very powerful and efficient headlight, with extremely user friendly controls and varying modes for your demands. Whether you need a dim light for a long ride or a bright light for a quick sprint (or anything in between) the Macro Drive has you covered. In the rear, you have the Strip Drive, an streamlined and efficient rear light that works hard to keep you seen from behind. Both lights charge quick using a standard USB port, and they include mounts to attach to your handlebars and seatpost.

  • Integrated mounts for your handlebar and seatpost
  • Convenient charging using included USB port
  • Lightweight weighs under 200g
Settings Blast, Enduro, Economy, Femto, Flash, Pulse, Overdrive
Light Source LED
Lumens FRONT: Blast: 650, Enduro: 450, Economy: 150, Femto: 15, Flash: 150, Pulse: 150, Overdrive: 1100; REAR: BLAST : 25 lumens, ENDURO: 10 lumens, ECONOMY: 5 lumens, FLASH 1: 25 lumens, FLASH 2: 15 lumens, FLASH 3: 15 lumens, FLASH 4: 15 lumens, FLASH 5: 5 lumens, DAY FLASH: 25 lumens
Run Time FRONT: Blast: 2:30, Enduro: 4:30, Economy: 10:00, Femto: 78:00, Flash: 19:00, Pulse: 18:00, Overdrive: 1:20; REAR: BLAST : 1:40, ENDURO: 4:00, ECONOMY: 8:00, FLASH 1: 3:00, FLASH 2: 4:00, FLASH 3: 4:30, FLASH 4: 5:00, FLASH 5: 14:00, DAY FLASH: 11:00
Charge Time 4 hours
Batter Li Ion
Chargers USB
Display none
Mount Handlebar/Seatpost
Warranty 2 year limited

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