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Lazer Sphere Road Bike Helmet - Red

Sphere Road Bike Helmet - Red

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The Sphere delivers a perfect combination of great looks, all-day comfort, performance, and features to help protect in the event of an impact. You will look forward to every ride in the Lazer Sphere helmet.


  • Advanced Rollsys System (ARS) fit system
  • 18 vents
  • Eyewear docking
  • Bottom-shell protection
  • Optional Aeroshell
  • 260 grams

The ARS Fit System enables progressive fit adjustment via a thumbwheel. It distributes pressure evenly around the head, eliminating hot spots and pressure points. The adjustable head basket is ponytail friendly. Eighteen vents orientated at a 15-degree angle assures maximum airflow when the helmet is in the riding position. In the event of a crash, a polycarbonate layer built inside the helmet keeps the foam together, offering protection from successive impacts. A docking area makes eyewear storage easy and bottom-shell protection helps prevent damage to the helmet foam. The optional Aeroshell accessory protects against the helmets or offers an aerodynamic benefit when desired. The Sphere weighs just 260 grams.

Size Guide
Head Circumference (cm) Age / Size Range
46-52 0-4 years (baby / toddler / child)
50-56 3-7 years (child)
52-56 8-14 years (adolescent)
50-54 Adult X-Small
52-56 Adult Small
55-59 Adult Medium
58-61 Adult Large
61-64 Adult X-Large


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