Hammer Nutrition Endurance Amino



Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s) are known for their contribution to endurance gains, but their benefits extend beyond that. One of the most researched and supported products on the planet, these crucial amino acids help build and repair muscles, minimize lean muscle mass, increase energy levels, support the immune system, stabilize blood sugar levels, and so much more!

Equally well suited for strength or endurance exercise, Endurance BCAA+ is an economically competitive BCAA product in its own right—but where the competition stops, Endurance BCAA+ keeps going! The addition of L-alanine provides the body with an added energy source, as the liver can convert this amino acid into energy on demand. Glutathione, arguably the most important antioxidant there is, works to ensure that your exercise sessions never become a health liability.

Whether you’re an old fan of Endurance Amino, or a newcomer to “Endurance BCAA+,” you’ll love it just the same. Take it before and after exercise of any duration, or hourly during prolonged sessions. You’ll experience enhanced focus and stamina, reduced muscle soreness, faster gains from your workouts, and less nagging hunger during the day.

It’s the same popular product as always, just with a new name: Endurance BCAA+.

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