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GU Stroopwafel: Hot Chocolate, Box of 16

Stroopwafel: Hot Chocolate, Box of 16

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For an energy boost that won’t weigh you down, you need a portable and deliciously satisfying way to top off your energy stores before a workout. GU Energy Stroopwafels deliver critical nutrients needed to help power your performance in a delicious syrup-filled wafer. Each serving delivers immediate and long-lasting energy from complex and simple carbohydrates. Nothing beats a rich, comforting cup of hot chocolate… but this Stroopwafel comes pretty darn close. The dark chocolate flavor adds complexity, while the hint of cinnamon spices things up. Warm it over a cup of hot chocolate for double-decker the treat.


• Box of 16 stroopwafels
• 150 calories per waffle
• Simple carbohydrates give you an quick energy boost
• Complex carbohydrates provide sustained energy
• Good before you run or ride, during long duration activities, and even to fuel up after you finish!


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