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Giant Original MTB Core Platform Pedals

Original MTB Core Platform Pedals

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Bicycle Warehouse is proud to offer these Giant Original MTB Core Platform Pedals. These platform bike pedals feature:

  • Low-profile scallop shaped platform
  • 10 replaceable and adjustable pins per side
  • Boron heat treated axle
  • 9/16" spindle

There’s nothing more aggravating than losing your grip on your platform bike pedals when negotiating rocks and logs on a steep mountain trail and sending one spinning while you try to get your foot back in control. With Giant’s Original MTB Core Platform Pedals, that won’t be a problem.

These expertly engineered mountain bike pedals have a wide, stable aluminum platform with a scalloped shape to fit your foot. Plus, they have replaceable and adjustable traction pins — 10 of them in each pedal — to create an awesome grip that your bike shoe will never slip from. Built to last, these platform bike pedals are extra durable, and the axles and bearings are made from the strongest heat-treated boron steel. Even the harshest crash won’t break these Giant bike pedals.

  • Comes in black, blue, white, or red
  • Built to last

These platform bike pedals can withstand the worst abuse, and they’ll keep on going, keeping you in the seat and on the trail longer while never letting you down. Every bike is only as strong as its weakest link, and you may not put a lot of thought into what kind of pedals you have. Possibly, you might think, A pedal is a pedal, right? That’s just not true. These lightest flat pedals will last the life of your bike and then some; you’ll never be looking for a need to replace or upgrade these bike pedals. Shop these top-of-the-line Giant Original MTB Core Platform Pedals online from Bicycle Warehouse today!

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