Ergon SRX3‑M Pro Saddle


The perfect saddle for cyclocross, gravel, and road cycling. The V-shaped saddle form is optimized for freedom of movement - ideal for frequent and quick position changes.

TiNox rails and a carbon fiber shell help produce a lightweight race-ready saddle. The SRX3 Pro has a flatter design when compared to a typical road bike saddle. This translates into increased freedom of movement on and around the saddle. Thanks to the slight upward curve at the rear of the saddle, the rider can push back into the saddle to get more power to the pedals. Comfort reigns supreme though the EVA padding with micro air pockets and the flex optimized shell. Developed with Wolfram Kurschat, a mountain bike and cross-country professional.

  • Weight 225 grams
  • Microfiber cover 
  • TiNox rail

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