Stromer ST2 Syno Comfort (2016) [CLOSEOUT]

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The world’s first digitally connected e-bike. Featuring Omni, a fully integrated user-interface with real-time telemetrics, GSM, GPS, as well as the ability to communicate with and receive directions from smartphones via the Stromer App. Simply put, the ST2 is the future of e-bikes.

The ST2’s new and more compact SYNO Drive motor not only provides 500W of power, but an enormous 35Nm of torque too: that’s more than enough to put a very big smile on your face when you step on its pedals. It also comes as a big relief when the challenges of hills or steep roads lie in your path. You can control the three modes of motor support and the level of regenerative braking with the controller next to the grip on the handlebar.
The ST2’s low maintenance and highly efficient SYNO Drive motor offers assistance up to 45km/h. If you live in an urban setting, commute by bike, or just like long cruises on country roads, you’ll soon understand why we like to say that the ST2 is “faster than a car.”

With a range of up to 150km, the ST2’s new proprietary Li-Ion battery puts the ST2 in a league of its own. The 48-Volt battery contains a massive 814Wh of energy. Despite this significant increase in endurance, the ST2’s battery still tucks neatly away into the down tube.
The ST2 offers complete flexibility when it comes to recharging the battery. It can be charged through an external socket in the frame with the battery in the bike. Or, with the twist of a key and the press of a button, the battery can be removed and charged at home, at the office, or even in a café with the Stromer battery charger.
The ST2 can even be recharged while cycling. When used, the braking system of the ST2 generates energy which is then fed back into the battery: this is known as regenerative braking. Furthermore the ST2 is EnergyBus compliant. EnergyBus is an open standard for the integration of, and communication between, the components of light electric vehicles.

At first glance, the ST2 stands out from the crowd, and radically so. The ST2 is an e-bike with the highest level of integration: integrated daytime running lights, fully integrated battery in the downtube, integrated cable routing, and integrated user interface. Its design has been thought and rethought to be beautiful, yet brilliantly functional - taking every detail into consideration when it comes to safety, serviceability, comfort, handling, performance, and style. Building on our principle that less is more, its elegant, clean lines and minimalistic exterior make it an understated head-turner.

Stromer is making and writing history when it comes to digital connectivity. The ST2’s revolutionary new user interface provides remote, wireless interaction between the bike and other touch points such as the Stromer Portal and your smartphone. This allowed our engineers to develop useful features such as remote locking and unlocking. The bike’s performance settings can be fine-tuned from your phone, wireless firmware update, remote acces to bike informations and control functions, remote bike performance tuning via Smartphone App and lock and unlock ST2 via Smartphone App.
All of this is possible thanks to Omni, Stomer’s proprietary cloud-based platform. Omni not only enables anti-theft protection, it also stores your Stromer’s service records - making life for you and your local Stromer dealer much easier.

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