Coros Omni Bluetooth Smart Cycling Helmet



Coros™ OMNI smart cycling helmet is high-tech sports gear designed to help riders get the most enjoyment, freedom, and awareness out of their ride while enhancing safety and performance.


  • Performance multipurpose aerodynamic helmet with 18 vent airflow cooling design.
  • Open ear bone conduction for precision sound and full environmental awareness.
  • Precision two-way audio for music, calls and communication, voice navigation and data.
  • Smart remote for hands-free audio control for volume, track forward, pause/play, calls.
  • App for ride details, routes, voice navigation, GPS data; Data share with STRAVA and Map My Ride.
  • Day/Night LED safety illumination feature provides maximum visibility throughout day and night.
  • G-Sensor emergency alert system sends SMS text and GPS location to emergency contact.
  • Comfortable foam strip lining and dynamic fit via ratchet system for extended wear.
  • All weather: Rain, water, splash, sweat resistant.

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