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System Services

Shifting Service, $89

The best way to ensure easy and accurate shifting.

  • Inspect all shifting parts
  • Clean all shifting parts
  • Adjust all shifting parts for precise shfiting
  • Install new front and rear shifting cables and housing or fluid

Drivetrain Service, $89

The best way to ensure precise shifting and maximize drivetrain parts.

  • Inspect all drivetrain parts
  • All drivetrain parts are removed and thoroughly scrubbed in our solvent tank.
  • All drivetrain parts are reinstalled and lubricated
  • All drivetrain parts are adjusted


Brake Service, $89

The best way to ensure precise and maximum stopping power.

  • Inspect all brake parts
  • Clean all brake parts
  • Adjust all brake parts
  • Install new brake cables and housing or fluid

Wheel Service, $69

The best way to ensure your bike rolls smooth with maximum control.

  • Inspect and adjust front and rear hubs
  • Adjust all spokes on the front and rear wheels for slight side to side wobbles and hops
  • Includes labor for tire installs, tube installs and sealant refresh


Suspension Service

Suspension Service, $275

The best way to ensure your shock and fork suspension is providing you with the best power and control.

  • Inspection of all suspension hardware
  • Fork seals replaced, new oil added.

Pivot Service, $110

The best way to ensure your frame suspension giving you maximum control and power.

  • Inspect, clean and lubricate all link hardware.
  • Adjust all link hardware to factory specifications.


A La Carte Service Menu

FREE Adjustment Installation
Complete Bike Systems Checkover FREE
30 Day Love It Guarantee FREE
New Bike Scheduled Service (reg. $85) FREE


Cockpit Adjustment Installation
Grips $15
Stem $25
Bartape $30
Handlebar $40
Headset (install or overhaul) $20 $85


Shifting System Adjustment Installation
Cable $30
Shift Pod (install or overhaul) $45
Shifter & brake Lever combo $60
eShift Firmware Upgrade $60
Shifting System Service


Drivetrain System Adjustment Installation
Chain or Cassette $25
Derailleur or Hanger $25 $45
Chainring or Crank $45
Bottom Bracket $30 $50
Drivetrain System Service $89


Brake System Adjustment Installation
Adjust (Caliper or V) $25
Cable or Rotor $30
Pads (pair) $35
Install (Regular or Disc) $40/$50
Brake System Service $89


Wheel System Adjustment Installation
Tubeless Refresh (each) $15
Tubeless Ready Setup (each $45
Tube, Tire, or Liner (each) $15
Hub (front or rear) $45/$70
Wheel (each, front or rear) $20/$35
Spoke $45
Flat Prevention Package $100
Wheel Build $120
Wheel System Service $69


Suspension System Adjustment Installation
Dropper Post Install (external or internal) $45/$85
Dropper Post (cable/housing w/ parts or bleed) $45/$55
Rear Shock (remove or install) $45
Rear Seal $65
Setup & Tuning $60
Fork $90
Pivot Package $110
Fork Overhaul (Fox/other) $120/$150
Pivot Bushing $175
Factory Service (front or rear/post) $245/220
Suspension Service Package $275


Accessories & Miscellaneous Adjustment Installation
General Accessory (lock, light, kickstand, seatpost, rack, saddle) $10
Pedals $15
Computer (wireless) $25
Cleats (pair)/Training Wheels
Delivery or Pickup $35
Frame Rack or Baby Seat $45
Wash & Lube $45
Hitchback assembly and install $60
Boxing $110
Build or Setup

Strip $55
1 Speed $65
Multi $85
Custom $250

Road Fit $125
Overhaul Package $150


eBike Service System Adjustment Installation
Computer Diagnositc $60
Firmware Upgrade $60


Master Service Package $249