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Happy Bike Checklist

Happy Bike Checklist

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Don't leave home without 'em

Flat Repair (pump, patches, levers, tubes)

Flat Prevention (liners & sealant)

The best way to handle a flat is to prevent it from happening.


Carry a mobile workshop in the form of a multi-tool and ensure you can deal with the majority of issues on the road or trail and enjoy the rest of your ride

Suspension Pump

If you're a serious mountain biker a shock pump is a must have for adjusting and monitoring your fork's pressure.

Seat Bag

Tucked conveniently out of the way under your saddle a seat bag is great way to stow your gear for trail and road-side fixes.

Hydration (waterbolttles or pack)

Stay hydrated during your rides with a water bottle or two.


Keep your beloved bike running smoothly and looking like new with lubes and cleaners.

Lightset (front & rear)

New LED and battery technology is light years ahead of the old stuff. These new lights are WAY brighter, more powerful and longer lasting. Lights are a necessity no matter when you ride.

Floor Pump

Great for the garage or workshop to top off before a ride.


Ding ding! A bell is the perfect accessory for any bike. In the city you can let cars, pedestrians and other bicyclists aware of your presence. Out on the trail a bell can help let other mountain bikers know where you are.


Explore far-flung new places with an auto rack. Every bike deserves a change in scenery once and awhile.


    Maintenance Kit

    Create the workshop of your dreams.


    Ride your bike on the information super highway. With a bicycling computer more ride data is available to you than ever before.

    Pannier & Rack

    Perfect for commuting or touring panniers easily hold spare parts, clothing, a laptop and lunch without the burden of a backpack and keep weight distributed more efficiently.


    No other bike accessories has quite the charm of a basket. Nothing is finer than cruising down a quiet neighborhood street with a basket full of groceries on your way to a picnic.

    Storage Stand

    Keep your bike safe and secure when you're not out riding.




      Get a new pair of pedals under your feet! Many new bikes are sold without pedals so how you intend to ride is something to consider before purchasing a pair of pedals.


      Handsdown,a new wheelset is the best investment for boosting your performance. Whether you're replacing an old set of wheels or upgrading we have the wheelset for your ride.


      Where the rubber meets the road. Upgrade your tires to match your riding style.

      Dropper Post

      A suspension seatpost aka a dropper post is an awesome upgrade for your mountain bike. Raise your post for optimal power transfer while pedaling uphill then low it before hitting the downhill for lower center of gravity and more control.

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