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Drive Train Package $69.99 + Parts

Your bike's drive train is removed, throughly scrubbed in our solvent tank and relubed. This gets it super clean and will give your chain, cassette and crankset a longer life.

Shift Upgrade Package $89.99

Includes labor, new shifter cables and housing for smooth shifting.

Brake Upgrade Package $89.99

Includes labor, new brake cables and housing for smooth and reliable braking.

Overhaul Package $129.99

If you're riding regularly (and we hope you are) we recommend our Overhaul Package every 24 months. We degrease and repack your hubs, headset and bottom bracket.

Full Suspension Package $219.99

Recommended every 6-12 months. Includes labor and parts to install a new fork, oil, dust wipers, shock oil and air sleeve (for most newer bikes).

Pivot Package $89.99

Recommended every 12-24 months. Includes labor to remove, inspect, clean, and relube all link hardware. Includes new DU bushings.


Adjust Install

Drive Train

Front Derailleur $18 $35
Rear Derailleur (or Hanger) $18 $35
Shifter (each) $30
Brake Lever (each) $45
Chain $20
Chainring $35
Cassette/Freewheel $18
Bottom Bracket/Press $25 $40
Crankset $35
Pedals $15


Adjust Install

Wheels & Brakes

Rim $25 $80
Spoke & True $25 $35
Hub $15 N/A
Tire, Tube & Liner $12
Rim Brake $15 $30
Disc Brake
Disc Bleed
Brake Pads
Brake Cable
Brake Rotor


Adjust Install

Frame & Cockpit

Frame Face or Tap
Pivot (Single/Linkage)
Bar Tape


Adjust Overhaul Install


Shock Install or Remove $35
Seal Service (Rear Shock) $50
Bushing Service (Rear Shock) $35
Fox Fork Overhaul $95
Marz, others Fork Overhaul $125
Factory Service Fork $200
Factory Service Rear Shock $175
Diagnostics per Hour $70

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