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We keep your bike running at 100% so you always have a awesome ride

  • We happily 😃 repair & service all bikes! 
  • Due to the nature of e-bike software and proprietary parts we currently only service e-bike brands that we sell: Aventon, Magnum, Himiway and of course the e-bikes manufactured by our partners at Giant, Santa Cruz, Liv and Niner.
  • New Bike 90 Service: drop off your bike new bike at any of our stores,
    Current turnaround is two weeks (due to high volume and staff shortages).
  • Regular Repairs & Service: For general service and repairs drop off your bike at any of our stores . Current turnaround is 3 weeks ( due to high volume and staff shortages). 
  • Flat Repairs:  We can fix most flats with 24 hour turnaround.  We are able to install tubes to fix flats at each store on most bikes. 
    • Special notes:
    • If your front or rear wheel needs repairs please bring your complete bike so we can make sure we return your bike working at 100%.
    • eBikes: Please bring your keys and charger with the bike (we cannot work on it without these items).
    • Due to the high demand and industrywide parts shortages our turnaround is longer than usual.
    • Please note, in some cases we are not able to repair bikes due to parts being unavailable.
THANK YOU for your business. We look forward to keeping you rolling on lot's of fun adventures 💚 🚴 😃


Owners Debbe & Mike

Free Bike Check

Come visit us at any of our stores for a FREE detailed inspection. It gives you peace of mind knowing what your bike needs so you always have a great ride.

Preventative maintenance is recommended every 12 months for all of your systems (based on regular riding once a week).

Service Department Info

Master Tech Certified Bike Shop

In 2013 we launched our "Bike Tech Center" in response to the growing sophistication of bike technologies and their needed maintenance and repairs. Our techs are no longer just mechanics. They are technicians dealing with electronics and compatibility of materials and components. It requires lots of training, schooling, and certifications to work on today's bicycle.

100% Quality Assured Bike Shop

Our seasoned and certified Bike Tech Center team members have over 60 years of combined experience. We brought them all together in a central facility allowing us to train and stay current on all new developments in the ever changing bike industry.

Love It Guarantee Bike Shop

The best part is we can ensure the highest level of quality work with a three level QC (quality check) process. Everything is checked and checked again to make sure we do it right the first time. We also have our "LOVE IT" guarantee which means we’ve got your back. We will always make it right whatever it takes