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P-SL2 Tire

Giant P-SL2 Tire

from $45.00

Giant P-SL2 tyres feature a lightweight yet durable (60TPI) thread count offering the best of both worlds for training rides. Featuring front and r...

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P-SL1 Tire

Giant P-SL1 Tire

from $40.00

FEATURES High performance front and rear specific tread rubber Sticky 62a durometer front tread Durable and fast 65a durometer rear tread Centerlin...

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P-SLR2 Tire

Giant P-SLR2 Tire

from $55.00

Lightweight, durable and fast. Giant P-SLR 2 road bike tires feature the same lightweight 120tpi casing found on the P-SLR 1, but with the added se...

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