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Self-Sealing Tubes (Various Sizes)

Slime Self-Sealing Tubes (Various Sizes)


Stops punctures from ruining your ride and keeps you going! Seals multiple punctures repeatedly for 2 years Seals tread area punctures up to 1/8″...

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Skabs Glueless Bike Patch Kit: 6-Pack

Slime Skabs Glueless Bike Patch Kit: 6-Pack


SKABS are handy pre-glued tire patches that work on tube and tubeless tires for repairs on the go. Perfect for camping trips, trail rides, or any...

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8 oz. Tube Sealant - Bicycle Warehouse

Slime 8 oz. Tube Sealant


Slime Tube sealant prevents and repairs flat tires caused by puncturing objects up to 1/8″ (3mm) in diameter. Slime works repeatedly to repair new...

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4-Way Valve Tool - Bicycle Warehouse

Slime 4-Way Valve Bike Tool


Removes valve cores Re-taps threads inside and outside Reams inside valve Works on A.C. unit valves