FD-5 Pedal

MKS FD-5 Pedal


MKS FD-5 Folding Pedals Features: When folded, the horizontal measurement (width of pedal) is only 43mm Plastic folding mechanism Double-sided Bo...

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Flip I Pedal

iSSi Flip I Pedal


There’s no need to choose between clipless performance and platform versatility with the Flip I. Riders can go clipless on the commute or sport cl...

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Sylvan Track Pedal

MKS Sylvan Track Pedal


MKS Sylvan Track Pedals. Accepts toe clips Light alloy body and cage Body dimensions 80mm x 61mm

Thrust SL Pedal

Xpedo Thrust SL Pedal


Xpedo Thrust SL Pedals Carbon Injection-Molded body with chromoly spindle 3 cartridge bearings MDU elastomer preset retention Q-factor= +/- 53mm

Xpresso Pedal

Time Xpresso Pedal

from $70.00

Xpresso pedals feature light weight, easy engagement and adjustable ergonomics for comfort and performance. The iClic pre-open clipless system all...

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Xpro Pedal

Time Xpro Pedal

from $195.00

The all new carbon body and new design creates a more powerful structure to transfer power from the cyclist to the road. Power transfer and stabil...

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