700c Tires

Check out our selection of road bike tires. If you're looking for speed run widths ranging from 18 to 25mm, the very narrowest options tires. If you're looking for all day comfort in the saddle widths ranging from 28mm or more will give you additional stability and comfort, but make sure your frame has clearance. Questions? Shoot us an e-mail. 

P-SL2 Tire

Giant P-SL2 Tire

from $45.00

Giant P-SL2 tyres feature a lightweight yet durable (60TPI) thread count offering the best of both worlds for training rides. Featuring front and r...

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P-SL1 Tire

Giant P-SL1 Tire

from $40.00

FEATURES High performance front and rear specific tread rubber Sticky 62a durometer front tread Durable and fast 65a durometer rear tread Centerlin...

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P-SLR2 Tire

Giant P-SLR2 Tire

from $55.00

Lightweight, durable and fast. Giant P-SLR 2 road bike tires feature the same lightweight 120tpi casing found on the P-SLR 1, but with the added se...

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