700c Tires

Check out our selection of road bike tires. If you're looking for speed run widths ranging from 18 to 25mm, the very narrowest options tires. If you're looking for all day comfort in the saddle widths ranging from 28mm or more will give you additional stability and comfort, but make sure your frame has clearance. Questions? Shoot us an e-mail. 

K193 Kwest 700c Tire

Giant K193 Kwest 700c Tire


Features: Fast rolling tread Smooth, rounded tread with large water-dispersion grooves Weighs just 503 grams 50-85 PSI 60 TPI

P-SLX2 Tire

Giant P-SLX2 Tire


Reach for a pair of Giant's P-SLX2 Tires when your route starts to stray from the beaten path. The directional tread provides great grip and stabil...

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P-RX2 Tire

Giant P-RX2 Tire


The versatile tread of Giant's P-RX2 tire can be used for anything from cross racing to all-day adventures. Its supported shoulder knobs provide pr...

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