Why Do I Need a Dropper Post?

Dropper posts can improve your riding and confidence in a huge way! Having the ability to quickly get your seat out of the way enables you to get low and drop your hips back towards your rear wheel. This allows you to descend and go down steep features more safely and confidently!

There are are variety of brands that make dropper posts- the important thing to keep in mind when purchasing one is to check out the following: 

- Get a size that fits! (Don't buy a post that's too long for a small bike and vice versa)
- Internal or External routing? (check with a bike tech if you're unsure if your bike can take internal routing)
- Dropper Lever and cables are often sold separately. Make sure you have these so you can operate your dropper post!

If you need help selecting or installing your new dropper post, come by any Bicycle Warehouse location for assistance. 

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