September 2, 2016


I my Giant bike in for service at the Santa Fe St shop in May, and I’ve had this receipt on my desk since then as a reminder to write this note to you.

I’ve had that bike since I bought it new sixteen years ago, and up until May I’ve done all the work on it myself.

There are a couple of bike shops closer to me than the Santa Fe shop, but I’ve been dealing with the PB store for a long time and I figured it was worth the drive because they’d have Giant parts and service know-how.

I’m writing to say how happy I am that I brought it to them.

The service was first-rate, and my bikes rides better than when it was new.

My compliments to your staff in PB (Nathan and ?); they convinced me to upgrade the worn-out components and I’m glad I did.

One of the service technicians called me to consult about the repair, and, as a result, the upgrade was made even better and my bike even more roadworthy.

I wish all the shops I do business with were as good as BW; it’s always a pleasure to work with professionals.

Please pass on my thanks.


Ron Hyatt
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