September 13, 2016

I just bought another new bicycle at Bicycle Warehouse.
Over the years I have bought several bikes here and have always been treated well and received value for my investments.
I bought a Santa Cruz Tallboy.
Finally, for the first time in my life, I have a bike that fits me. Debbie was so nice and she introduced me to Robb Riggle who was extremely knowledgable and patient with me. He was able to work with the people at Santa Cruz to find the bike that fits me best. I had to wait a while but the wait was well worth it. The bike is high technology and a world away from the Kona it is replacing.
I've had my bike for a couple of weeks now and I can't believe how different it rides and feels. I feel like I can ride it all day without pain. 
The whole process from my initial research thru test riding bikes from other makers and bike shops to my final decision, purchase and delivery was easy and enjoyable at the Bicycle Warehouse. Everyone on the staff at Bicycle Warehouse treated me with respect and actually listened to me. 
I am very tall and few manufacturers make bike frames to fit someone over 6'7". Robb Riggle listened and researched and conferred with the factory rep to fit me with the right bike. He even brought in a bike from another location for me to test ride. He even tried to get me the bike I chose for a test ride but none were available in my size. 
I was so impressed with the Santa Cruz carbon fiber bike I tested and the Bicycle Warehouse satisfaction guarantee I took the plunge and ordered the larger framed bike.
I now have only about 30 miles on the bike and am very impressed with the geometry and technology incorporated in this bike. I need to bring it in for some fine tuning of the location of brake and shift levers and Robb has texted me with his work schedule so I can work with him for the adjustments.
Other shops didn't listen to me and tried to put me on bikes that were just too small and unstable, the team at Bicycle Warehouse listened and responded.
I commend and recommend them for their dedication to their craft.
They are right. It is my world and I'm going to ride the hell out of it now on my bike that fits properly.
Thank you Debbie and Robb.
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