Sept. 12, 2018

Hi Debbe, I just wanted to let you know that I just got home from purchasing a bicycle at your San Marcos store.  Mike helped me out a ton and I’m super happy with the purchase.  It’s a lower end entry level bike so I know that nobody is going to retire off this sale haha, but its our starter bike for Trish.    I live in South OC here in Laguna Hills and I drove down south ( 1 + hour) after speaking with Mike about entry level bikes for her.  YES it was advantageous for you to have had a couple in stock that I could drive off with, but way more importantly was Mike’s interest in me getting into a good bike that will work for her after knowing all about where we plan to be riding.  He told me of frame sizes, tire sizes, components etc..  This really exceeded the norm in this industry to me at least, on the phone.   Have called many shops.   I don’t have time to drive to every store to search but rather want a person to be straight up and tell me options and best deals…  I was actually suggested to purchase a mens bike today here locally at a shop for my wife which now I know would be lame due to the frame alterations that are made for women.


First off, just figured I should let you know that Mike hooked it up today for me and the Mrs. and I appreciated it.  

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