October 30, 2017

Dear Debbe,

I would like to request that the truly exceptional bike mechanic and store manager at the Bike Warehouse in Encinitas, CA be officially commended by you, not only for his dedication to his profession but also his willingness to make extra efforts to resolve difficult problems on the bikes that I have brought in (Trek y foil, Zipp 2001 and Nishiki Linear). 

He is also a great asset to this store because of his outstanding interpersonal skills and willingness to assist all of the customers that I have seen in your store. His pleasant demeanor makes each customer feel that they are special as he helps them find the product that they need or get their repairs done. 

Robb's abilities to interact with your customers is second to none. It is because of him that I take all of my bicycle business to the Bicycle Warehouse even though there are other bike stores close to my home.

Robb does a great job as a manager to set a positive and relaxed atmosphere in your store. I would like to request a well-deserved official recognition for Robb as a result of the professional services shown to the customers who are fortunate enough to go the Bicycle Warehouse in Encinitas. 



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