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October 28, 201

Dear Debbe,

I brought my 5-year-old son,Charlie bicycle shopping a couple of weeks ago to your shop in Kearny Mesa. Troy graciously helped us browse. He was fabulous. He introduced himself and made us feel welcome to shop. We browsed, found a couple of bikes to compare, and took a test drive. He even adjusted the bikes to fit for a better ride. He took the time to get to know us (mostly Charlie).

We browsed another store, and I was stunned at how helpless the clerk was. For all the things that Troy was, this man was not. Helpless, to say the least. The bikes were similar, and similarly priced, but I decided before we left the "other" store that I'd make my purchase at your shop.

What was the difference? Troy. He's a valuable addition to your staff and has earned my highest esteem. I bought a bike because Troy was just plain brilliant.

My wife is interested in a new bicycle for herself. Troy will be the one I talk to first.


David Betz

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