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October 15, 2017

Good morning Debbe, I would first like to thank you with all of your help with this. You make events like this possible and we thank you! I would also like to let you know what an outstanding individual Brian is (I know you already know this, lol) and how well he took care of us as he always does! He is a heartfelt, caring and respectful person that has a way to make you feel welcome while he answers your questions and tells you everything about the bike and components. It is a pleasure to walk into and buy items in your Temecula store! I talk about the store and the guys there at work so much that I told Brian on last Friday I might have even sold a Giant Contend 1 and possibly a Contend SL 1 Disc?? There are a few people here interested in getting back out on the road and I want to get them rolling!! A few people have seen the bike this morning and are as excited as we are for the event! We too hope it is very successful as all the proceeds go back to the active duty members. Thank you again for all of your help and I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Take care-Gary

Very Respectfully,

MSSE3 G. DeLorme

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