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May 13, 2018

Hey Deb, remember me? You helped me out last year on getting a seatpost quickly before the race...

I just want to msg you and give Robyn props. Went into the Kearney store today to order up a Xo1 Blur. She did a lot to get me the best price, using my rewards towards my bike. What was impressive is that she got back to me right away to let me know that the bike is 20 days away, and to say that I can use a demo that might be more XC friendly for the next QnD race this coming Thurs. My Hightower will be fine. Just wanted to let you know that she's on top of things lol. She is a true enthusiast and a hardcore rider, she's on my Strava so I see all her rides....I would die personally, lol.

I work across the street at Fun Bike Center and was in there the other day and saw you pop out from the back....

Thanks, have a good day

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