March 7, 2018

As an infrequent, yet now loyal Bicycle Warehouse patron, I wanted to reach out and commend you on a job well done hiring Michael Macare.  Prior to this past weekend in Sedona I hadn’t yet met Michael, and I had only been in your shop a handful of times to pick up a few odds-and-ends. That will definitely change moving forward provided the epic experience I had in Sedona due largely to Mike's preparation, knowledge of the industry, and his patient ability to troubleshoot many of our group's technical problems along the many miles of trails that we covered over our three day venture.
I was invited to the Sedona MTB Festival by a mutual friend of my wife's to what I had believed to be the beginning of a small networking group amongst a bunch of stuffed-shirted attorneys, bankers and real estate brokers.  I wasn’t expecting to have fun none-the-less meet some great guys and gain some great lifelong skills.  This is where Mike stepped up to the plate.  I never realized that we were going to have our own personal concierge tour guide, mechanic and social coordinator in our mix.  He seriously made the trip.  Due entirely to his logistical preparation, help with a multitude of mechanical failures, and his patience to answer a borage of idiotic novice questions, Mike paved the way for a smooth and seamless venture.
Due to my experience this past weekend with Mike, you have definitely gained a new retail patron.  As a novice rider and new-age shopper, I rarely make it into a retail store unless I am seeking knowledge and/our professional help.  Being new to the MTB world, I have had many questions and have needed a lot of help along the way.   My local shop (who will remain anonymous) is a rather large shop with a lot of inventory to choose from, however their employees are rather rude and seemingly pompous when it comes to answering basic questions.  Since meeting Mike I now feel that I have a go-to guy whom I can rely on moving forward as my MTB skills, needs, and wants progress.  I only hope that he’ll want go out and ride with us again.
Kind Regards,

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