March 6, 2017


My name is Joe and I recently purchased the new Defy Advanced 1 and Avail 1 (for my girlfriend Hayley) from your Temecula location. This wasn't my first time doing business there and it most certainly won't be the last. I'll never forget the first-class customer service I experienced there a year ago when I first purchased the Defy 1--I was new to the sport but Brian was able to walk me through everything with a level of knowledge and professionalism that I know doesn't exist everywhere. I've done Intelligence work in the Army for six years now and my career has taken me to 19 countries and my profession has required personal interface with people from all over the world (not all of them friendly). If my experiences (as limited as they may be at 28 years old) have shown me anything, it's the importance of treating everyone, even those who know less than you, with respect and grace. A year ago, I was the guy who knew nothing about the wonderful world of cycling and was thankful for the culture you've built at Bicycle Warehouse for allowing a guy like me to ride away with confidence. A year later I'm still coming back because I know that even as employees come and go, organizational culture is robust. Brian was still there walking me through the finer points of a new bike and your new guy Garrett was there to instill Hayley with the same confidence I was thankful to have a year ago. So Debbe, thank you. We love our new bikes and will always be two happy and loyal customers,

-Joe & Hayley
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