March 18, 2019

Hi Debbe,
My name is Oliver.  I am a recent customer.  I wanted to tell you what a wonderful and amazing experience I had with working with Ethan.  I have nothing but great things to say.
From the first time I walked into the warehouse, I was met with a great service and knowledge.  Not once did I feel any pressure or anything when I was looking into a new bike.  I came into the warehouse one evening just to look around and ask some questions about bikes.  Ethan was very helpful in providing me information about things to consider when purchasing a bike.  He help me gain clarity on what bike would work for me.  I told him what bike i was interested and he looked it up and check to make sure it would work for the purposed I had mentioned to him.
He took the time to walk me through things to consider in being a bike owner.  I definitely learned a lot that evening.  And they help me complete my research and planning for my bike.  I didn't make a purchase that evening but I said I would be back.
So a couple of weeks later I returned with all the information and ready to purchase a bike.  With me wanting to purchase a bike from Pure Cycle.  Ethan help me get it ready.  He already had things ready for me when I arrived to make my purchases.  He even made sure that the bike would fit me correctly.  Without he's help I would potentially gotten a bike that was a lot larger than I needed.  Getting everything order and squared away that evening with my purchase was beyond excellent.  After that evening I was excited and felt ready to be back on a bike again.
And after another week or two my bike was delivered and ready for me.  Ethan was once again awesome on that day that I got my bike.  He made sure that I was comfortable and ready for the bike.  He also took the time to walk me through everything.  He helped me get my bike rack installed on my 4Runner and showed me how to get my bike locked in a ready for transport.
Since my last visit at the warehouse, I have thoroughly enjoyed riding my bike that I purchased from you all.  Bicycle warehouse is my place where I will get anything that has to do with cycling.
Thank you so much for having a great and wonderful staff that is friendly and knowledgeable.  They definitely help ease my mind and answer all my questions with reason and why.  I wholeheartedly appreciate it.  Ethan is fantastic and wonderful person.
I know i babbled for a bit but I just wanted to say THANK YOU and give you all my heart felt appreciation.  I'm so happy you guys are a local San Diego business which I am happy to fully support.
Cheers, Hugs, and Sincerely,  
Oliver Asis
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